The Checkerboard Floors can’t stop playing music. If anything, nearly a decade of gigging around Southern Ontario has merely fueled their fire.

Other than their ample and energy-packed live shows that have crowds singing and dancing along, nothing demonstrates the band’s creative drive more than their LP, Art Project, released independently in 2014. Hamilton Blues Lovers hailed it as “a multi-layerd, dynamic album packed full of powerful riffs with an alt-rock touch”, where “roots, funk, alternative rock [and] classic rock are all mixed in with panache”, and Barber Shop Podcast described it as “each instrument and voice, both pushing and pulling the others effortlessly, creating just the right tension to make the heartstrings sing”.

The Checkerboard Floors are Derek Palango (vocals, guitar), Tyler Wilson (guitar, vocals), Matt Outerson (bass, vocals), and Kevin Barrie (drums, vocals) who officially replaced founding member Rob Shorney in 2018. The group originally found themselves together through work, mutual friends, and a shared love of music in early 2009. They quickly secured gigs in local venues as a cover band, and spent the next few years refining their act, performing a wide array of covers from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Paul Simon, and more contemporary artists such as The Black Keys, The Sheepdogs, and The Tragically Hip.

Their sound could easily be considered Alt-Rock-centric in very general terms. However, a little further beneath the surface, one can find evidence of their varied passions for other styles which propel their music forward, including though not limited to Blues, Funk, Motown, and Jazz.

The band is currently working on a follow up to Art Project, and continues to play shows regularly, leveraging the hits when required, and showing off their original chops whenever possible. No matter what, the rock keeps rolling.

Look for Art Project at all live performances, at Dr. Disc Hamilton, or purchase a CD or digital copy today!

Praise For Art Project and Checkerboard Floors

“a multi-layerd, dynamic album packed full of powerful riffs with an alt-rock touch”
     -Hamilton Blues Lovers
"slick arrangements and crafty vocal interplay"
     -Barber Shop Podcast
"they are top-notch bandmates, who know how to put on an entertaining night of exciting music"
     -Brantford Expositor

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